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Simulation-Based Training - Imagine being able to train your staff on complicated procedures without risk and without affecting the operation of your business. Attraction/amusement control consoles, factory control consoles, heavy equipment consoles, electronic devices, point-of-sale... the sky's the limit! Custom portals with administrative back-ends, training guides, quizzes, exams and more compliment this cutting-edge education technology.

Visit www.SimulationBasedTraining.com to learn more.

pURL (personalized URLs) - The perfect way to both customize your site for your customer's benefit and to discover what interested each buyer. Personalised URLs remember a visitor's preferences and surfing habits, then dynamically alters the web page when they return to bring the content they are searching for to the forefront.
GeoTracking - TriSera helps you find your target market by tracking website visitors back to their location. This technology allows you to focus your marketing campaigns on areas that are most receptive to your product or service, raising the conversion rate and improving your marketing ROI.
AutoScheduler - TriSera can develop an autoscheduling system for your website that not only dynamically manages time tables, but also notifies all those affected by email and text message. A perfect application for any business concerned with booking times or with multiple shifts that need to be staffed.
CampaignFire - The complete online solution designed to help candidates win elections. CampaignFire websites tell voters all about you, and capture data that tells you all about them. We can follow visitors through your website, offer instant polls, tell you when they are visiting and what they are looking at. We can even locate where they are. The captured information helps you build a profile of each voter that you can use to target your message.